StagCMS specifications

Just focus on what you are good: creating great adult content.
StagCMS is the Content Management System that helps you deliver your adult content.


Forget the in-the-middle scripts that are slowing down websites speed and using extra server resources. Easily and freely deploy a CDN like cloudflare on your free content domain/subdomain.

The take off!

We are a reactive to proactive team.
Always working on I&D and deployment and please! use our forum/sugestions forum.

Implement awesome features

We want to give the power to developers to implement awesome features.
Your data, your power. JSON delivered.

Prizes to best website

Each year we will give-away a license to the best website developed with our CMS.
Your work is appreciated by us.

Well documented

Our customer service software has a built-in knowledge base system with the most detailed information possible, for two reasons: get you happy, with a and to cut us some work.

Professional support

Team of graduated developers, in portugueses universities, and ranked has seniors developers.
Support will be given through our support ticket system, email, instant messenger and in-server-loco.

Social feed made easy!

Empower your website with a updated page with all your model's social networks - twitter, tumblr and instagram -. She is real!, people will love to see their acitivy in one page, and follow up her. Boost also your SEO with fresh content.

Multiple websites

Admin your websites in a user friendly administration panel. We made it simple for anyone to use it,

Pre-configured values

Pre-configured values that you can change for future websites on the CMS. This will make your life easier.

Categories and tags

Organize your galleries with categories and tags. This give your the possibilite to implement filters on galleries by tag or a group or tags.

Multiple languages

Add languages to your websites. Categories and tags? Translate them once, and all websites will have it. What more? Built-in Google Translator importer.

New website

Create a new website in less than 2 minutes. Predefined default values, set paths, insert and validate details, upload the watermarks and thats it.

Domains and subdomains

The structure of websites on our CMS is implemented using the domain and subdomains. This improve the website load speed and security.


Have the ability to have simples news on the website. Simple news from time to time just to visitors and member know that you are alive. A blog is also good.


Don't go anywhere else! See the statistics of your website in our CMS. We are implementing Google Analytics API on our CMS. To be released on the next update.

Calendar view

Wall trought the months and see all galleries released in a calendar view. Easily pic one and edit it.


Edit all your website configurations. From paths, languages available, title, descriptions, photos widths and heights, thumbnails quality, watermarks...

One gallery - multiple websites

Add a raw gallery to the CMS, schedule it to different websites on different dates and its done.
They will have different sizes, watermarks, etc.

Different medias, different sizes

Set different widths, heighs and qualitys for photos, thumbnails and screencaps on FHG, members area. Automatically add different watermarks to all of them.

Preview gallery

When a FHG is set up, a free preview of the gallery is available on the free area webpage, this way visitor can have a glitch of it.

RSS Feeds

Delive rss feeds for your visitors, and members. Let them follow you website's updates with any rss feed reader.

Time to relax

Scheduled releases? Automatically emails to affiliates on a new release? Checked! Yes. And a affiliate system is on the way.

HTTP Live Streaming

Our CMS can convert the videos to HTTP Live Streaming, witch provides mechanisms for players to adapt to unreliable network conditions without causing user-visible playback stalling.
Keywords: Adaptability & Availability


Define cuepoints on each video, so the user can easily access to specific parts of the video...

Screencaps & scroll preview pics

For every video, CMS will create a screencap gallery, with the configured dimensions and a second number of screencaps to be used has video scroll preview.

One video - multiple websites

Add a raw video to the CMS, schedule it to different websites on different dates and its done.
Diferent screencaps and thumbs sizes, watermarks.

HTML5 Videos

Have we mentioned it? Well, your videos will be converted to HTML5 supported files. This means that iPhone, iPad, Android will play them! Perfectly.

iPhone / iPad / Android

Videos will be played on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Period!

'mail them

As soon as a FHG is released CMS will send an email to all your affiliates notifying them.
Forget the hard work of copy&past the fhg link, title, description...

Manage affiliates

Import affiliates from CCBill and manage the list inside the CMS. Disable the unwanted affiliates so your newsletter won't reach them.

FHG galleries

As said, CMS will create for you the FHG and release it on the scheduled gallery release day.

RSS Feeds

Deliver rss feeds to your affiliates, so they can use it on scripts to dump your galleries on their blogs/web pages.

Working on it

We are working on this block, to add more features, including full affiliate system that will include:
Sites list with Muti-Link options, Banner Manager, Static Hosted Galleries, Gallery Exporter, Downloadable Content, RSS Feeds


All data is exported to JSON files. Easilly access to it with PHP, JavaScript or other scriting language without having to create dabatase connections.


Improve user experience with pages with AJAX. People are getting more and more picky!

HTML and Javascript templating

It works with Smarty, Twig templates and javascript templating.

Free-theme is on Git

Our free theme, Chital is on Git.
HTML, CSS, PHP, JS files... grab it and use it.

Optimized Code

To achieve better perfomances.

Access Database easily

Use or create simple and easy queries to database. It will save you time.


Other services

CMS customization (3) • Import data from other CMSs to StagCMS • Security tests • Firewall implementation • CDN integration • Web optimization • Server optimization

(1) CMS installation implies that you have your own server, connected to internet with a web server (Apache or nginx), FTP server and MySQL server.
If your hosting plan has a CPanel or Plesk access we might do some extra works for you.
Installation excludes, not only, but also the following activities: server configuration, installation of required requirements, kernel custom compiling for Linux, updating packages or operating system.
For more information read this system requirements article and this installation article on our KB.

(2) Support terms means that we will help you solve problems, not solve them for you.
We will give priority to support tickets and we will always try to solve them via the support-ticket-system, email of chat. In-server is the last option.
Support excludes, not only, but also the following activities: debugging PHP, JS, JQuery and other programming problems, programming problems unrelated to the server configuration, kernel custom compiling for Linux, updating packages or operating system.
For more information read this support article on our KB.

(3) StagCMS retains the right to include any paid modifications and customizations in new versions.
This means that any paid modifications or customizations might be included to all other clients in future free updates.

Prices might change with out notice, but new prices won't be applied to old reveneus

Contact us!

To be sure that what you need is supplied by our CMS we want to talk with you about the CMS itself.


You can contact us by email, .

What's included?

All packages of StagCMS includes installation, full working CMS, free working theme - see the demo -.

Contract? Change plans anytime?

There's no long term contract.
You can upgrade or downgrade your license at anytime.

Payments methods?

We use PayPal for the payments.
This means that you can pay with Paypal or any supported credit card by Paypal.

PayPal Acceptance Mark