StagCMS is the all-in-one adult CMS

The best solution for your adult webpage.

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The all-in-one solution for your adult websites

StagCMS is a CMS for adult websites build and tested over several years.
StagCMS will give you all the tools to create an adult website with a rock-solid online presence.
Give your visitors and members the best experience while accessing your content.

Features available in StagCMS

The CMS that makes life easier for those who want to create and quickly update their adult pages. Our platform simplifies the delivery and management of all your galleries, models, languages, news... Our proven model is ultra fast and optimezed for consuming minimal resources.

Password Protected Area

Have your full media available in a password protected area.

Clip Store (PPD)

Sell individual videos on your website. A clipstore!

Custom requests

Accept custom requests for a model on your website.

Crypto payments

Accept crypto coins as payment on your website.

Adaptive video streaming

Our CMS will output video data to use the vantages of adaptive video streaming on your website.

Video cuepoints

Cuepoints on videos let your visitor's to jump into specific parts of the video...

Video screencaps and scroll

Our CMS will create screencaps and scroll preview images so you can have a screencaps galleries, free screencap galleries, and video scroll previews

FHG builder

From photos or screencaps galleries define which are to be used on FHG and submit! CMS will create them, with the desired dimensions and watermark.

iPhone / iPad / Android

Built-in encoder and transcoder that allow all your videos to be played on major browsers and devices. Ever wanted your videos to be played on a iPhone or Android? We got it covered.


Ever wished a CMS where you could upload a gallery, have it released in a website, and a few days later on other website? With different sizes, watermarks...?

Super lightweight

Reduced pratically to zero the database connections. That's it. Zero. Why to spend memory on database requests when information is changed from time to time?

Free theme

We deliver a fully funcional theme that can be easily changed by a junior webdeveloper. Multi-browser, mobile and tablets ready, and you can customize it. Its on Git .


Data is saved in JSON files! Maximize the user experience using AJAX, JavaScript templating... Easily access to your data.
And have your galleries in RSS feeds, for visitors of affiliates.


Empower your websites with multi-language versions. We help you with a 1-click translation from Google Translator - but you are on your own risk to use this -.

SEO & Multi-languages!

Boost your SEO with galleries subtitles, descriptions, categories and tags to a gallery. The CMS ready for you to deploy multi-languages on your websites, and it has a one-click translation buttom.

Afilliates! Managed.

Import your affiliates. Send them emails with a predefined template, or automatically notify them on a setup of a free hosted gallery.

Professional support

Developers and supporters

The support team is a group of graduated developers, in portugueses universities and ranked as senior developers.
Support will be given through our support ticket system, email, instant messenger and in-server-loco.

Senior PHP developers - Senior JavaScript developers - Senior Network Security Engineer

Know more about StagCMS

Read detailed features, see printscreens and see a comparison chart between StagCMS and other adult CMSs.

Details Printscreens Comparison chart


Let us take care 100% of your website. We will take care of the CMS installation and host your website in a DELL R720XD server and manage it for you.

• Starter CMS package • DELL R720XD • Server management • Premium support


32GB DDR3 • 1Gbps Full-Duplex

2x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E5-2620
1Gbps Full-Duplex
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Pricing & Plans

Don't add modules and increase the base price...

We have 3 packages. They include all features!

We don't process payments. You need a contract with a billing company.

See paysite demo

  • Starter

    • 1 website limit
    • Custom layout
    • 500GB disk usage
    • Shared on DELL R720XD
    • Full Features
    • Free upgrades
    • Support via tickets/chat/in-server (2)
  • Hard Worker

    • 4 websites limit
    • Custom layout
    • 2x 4Tb (Raid 1)
    • DELL R720XD
    • Full Features
    • Free upgrades
    • Support via tickets/chat/in-server (2)
  • Partnership

    Contact us
    • Unlimited websites
    • Custom layout
    • Full Features
    • Free upgrades
    • Support via tickets/chat/in-server (2)

Other services

CMS customization (3) • Import data from other CMSs to StagCMS • Security tests • Firewall implementation • CDN integration • Web optimization • Server optimization

(1) CMS installation implies that you have your own server, connected to internet with a web server (Apache or nginx), FTP server and MySQL server.
If your hosting plan has a CPanel or Plesk access we might do some extra works for you.
Installation excludes, not only, but also the following activities: server configuration, installation of required requirements, kernel custom compiling for Linux, updating packages or operating system.
For more information read this system requirements article and this installation article on our KB.

(2) Support terms means that we will help you solve problems, not solve them for you.
We will give priority to support tickets and we will always try to solve them via the support-ticket-system, email of chat. In-server is the last option.
Support excludes, not only, but also the following activities: debugging PHP, JS, JQuery and other programming problems, programming problems unrelated to the server configuration, kernel custom compiling for Linux, updating packages or operating system.
For more information read this support article on our KB.

(3) StagCMS retains the right to include any paid modifications and customizations in new versions.
This means that any paid modifications or customizations might be included to all other clients in future free updates.

Prices might change with out notice, but new prices won't be applied to old reveneus

Contact us!

To be sure that what you need is supplied by our CMS we want to talk with you about the CMS itself.


You can contact us by email, .

What's included?

All packages of StagCMS includes installation, full working CMS, free working theme - see the demo -.

Contract? Change plans anytime?

There's no long term contract.
You can upgrade or downgrade your license at anytime.

Payments methods?

We use PayPal for the payments.
This means that you can pay with Paypal or any supported credit card by Paypal.

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